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Roller Garage Doors

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Roller Garage Doors

The highest demands are made when it comes to securing garages. Valuable vehicles and items are kept behind those doors so choose the most secure option - roller garage doors.

Roller Garage Doors

Our roller garage doors are manufactured to the highest standards in our own factory, we can supply and install automatic roller garage doors at the most competitive prices.

  • Conveniently opens with the press of a button.
  • Clean appearance enhances the look of your home.
  • Automatic locking on closing, no leverage points.
  • Maintenance free, no painting ever required.
  • Safety device monitors obstructions.
  • Increased width and headroom when frame is removed.
  • Fully insulated from the weather.
  • No out-swing, no need to move your car to open the door.

Order your roller garage door from the experts, Rolux UK. We have over 15 years experience in supplying and installing roller garage doors to the public.

Two doors into one


A roller garage door offers many advantages over traditional up-and-over models. Their space saving design provides more room both inside and outside your garage, they are easy to install and you have the added benefit of greater security.

We can provide remote control and motorised doors, creating an automated door opener that can be opened and closed using a compact hand transmitter from up to 30 metres.



Rolux roller garage doors are designed to last. We manufacture them to stand the harshest of weather conditions and usage. Our doors are manufactured using the best quality materials and workmanship in the UK.

Silent Operation

For electric models the drive unit is housed entirely within the door roll, reducing noise and providing quiet and smooth performance.

Your Security

We guarantee that your roller garage door cannot be opened by an other handset or third party device.

Request a free site survey today or, for more information on automatic roller garage doors request a free roller garage door brochure or call for more information on 0800 4580479.


Roller Garage Doors - a Jaguar Owners Story

by Mike Campbell

Like most XK owners, keeping the car safe at night is of primary importance. So when the insurance company asked “Where will it be parked at night”, I knew it was time for me to clear out the collection of old broken lawn-mowers along with a lifetimes accumulated junk from my garage, in order to provide a safe new home for the car.

I had owned the car less than a month, when the tensioning wire came loose on one of the garage doors causing it to jam half way. In a moment of utter madness I disconnected the offending wire. This of course brought the entire door crashing down.

  Jaguar XKR

Standing there paralysed by sheer heart stopping terror, I watched as the door landed on my driveway, missing the front of my XK8 by an absolute hairs-breadth !. Not wanting to risk a repeat performance, I set about looking for a replacement garage door. I didn’t have far to look, as located on the outskirts of Crewe where I live, is Rolux UK, one of the countries leading manufacturers & installers of remote controlled roller garage doors. A quick 5 minute drive and I was at their factory showroom near Alsager, just a couple of minutes from Junction 16 of the M6 motorway. Parked outside the showroom was a silver XKR coupe, which I later discovered belonged to the Rolux UK director, Richard Cooper, who had recently purchased the car from former world snooker champion Denis Taylor.

In their showroom, Richard was able to show me the wide range of options available. I was also able to see a model of the construction of the door, with all the toughness and security features essential for keeping out unwanted visitors. The remote control operation was also demonstrated along with the safety cut-off device that would stop the door closing, if an obstruction got in the way. Impressed with what I’d seen, I arranged for a surveyor to visit me the next day to measure my garage, and quote for one large double door. With an order placed, and a delivery date fixed, I was delighted to receive a call just a few weeks later saying my door was now ready and could be fitted earlier than expected.

Jaguar XKR


Over the course of two days, a team from Rolux UK came and fitted the new door. As I was replacing two single doors with one, they first fitted an RSJ support beam, which enabled them to demolish the old brick support column and remove the two single doors.

From start to finish I was highly impressed with the professionalism of the installation team.

They carefully removed and preserved a course of brickwork, enabling them to put the bricks back after the steel RSJ had been fitted. The electrical fittings for the automatic door were all wired in properly and secured with appropriate ducting and the hole in the garage floor where the former breeze block support had been was rendered and made good with a new layer of concrete.

With the job complete, the new automated door works an absolute treat. Before having it installed, I would have said automatic doors were nothing more than a gimmick. However, you soon realise that like the very first time you bought a car with electric windows, or air-conditioning, you suddenly begin to wonder how you ever got by before.

The biggest benefit of course is on those days when it is pouring down with rain. I can now drive straight in to the garage, and from there enter the house, without having to step outside and get wet. Replacing the two original garage doors with one really opened up my whole garage and created a lot more space. I no longer have to fold in the door mirrors and inch gingerly into the garage, as side clearance is no longer an issue. Altogether, I am very pleased with the new door and it was certainly a worthwhile decision to have it installed.

Whilst based in Cheshire, Rolux UK can install automated garage doors throughout the country and their product range also covers carports, awnings and automatic driveway gates. The company has ISO 9001 accreditation along with Investor in People status and they have recently been awarded the accolade of Best Medium Sized Business of the Year by the South Cheshire Chamber of Business.

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