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Room Shading Awnings

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Room Shading Awnings

As well as providing excellent from sun and rain outdoors, awnings can provide a superb, controllable solution to the problem of room shading.

Room Shading Awnings

Rolux UK have recently worked with The Royal College of Music on an installation of awnings on the fifth floor (shown below) in response to burning temperatures and direct sunlight.

Royal College of Music  

Being so high and difficult to reach, it was essential that, once installed, the awnings would prove ultra-reliable.

Our experience with commercial awnings meant that we had no hesitation in specifying Somfy motors, widely known as being the most reliable products of their type across the world.

"The awnings are very innaccessable so the motors have to be 100% reliable. In this instance, quality and durability was everything," said Richard Cooper, director of Rolux UK.


James Murphey of the Royal College of Music added: "The awnings have made an immediate improvement to our environment, providing ample shade from direct sunlight. The flexibility that comes from their remote control means we can draw them in and out easily in response to London's ever-changing climate."

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